Industry Talk: The Most Jovial And Ego-Free Hero

By - September 20, 2014 - 02:46 PM IST

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The main reason why you as audience get connected to a hero goes beyond the concept of his glamour and physical look. A hero strikes a chord with people like us because he projects himself to be a role model and a true follower of justice and ideology. While that is the reel fact, here is a real fact.

Many who have worked in the entertainment industry and spent years reveal how they were shown nightmares by few heroes. It is a bitter fact but it happens. So, when a hero with a genuine heart comes he is sincerely appreciated. Tollywood talk reveals that one person deserves the title of most jovial and ego-free hero.

He is none other than Daggubati Rana. Many noted heroes and heroines of the industry say this towering hunk is a pleasure to work with. Rana’s discipline, commitment, physique are very common sources of inspiration but off the sets his real nature is being commended. It is heard that during party time and other leisure hours, Rana is a very down to earth man and mingles with everyone without any ego hassles. Well, the Daggubati scion seems to be becoming a real life hero then.

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