Sreenu Vaitla Vs RGV: A Virtual Poking

By - September 20, 2014 - 02:30 PM IST

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Though the film industry is all about maintaining good relations and being friendly, there are also times when satires are thrown at each other. Director Sreenu Vaitla is adept at that as every movie of his has a parody or satire on some real life film personality. One person he has always chosen to poke is filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.

Apparently, Vaitla poked RGV in ‘Dookudu’ and in his latest movie ‘Aagadu’ he has used RGV’s name three times. Similarly, in his other venture Baadshah, comedian M S Narayana reminded of RGV to the audience. So far, RGV has been quiet but this time he has begun his poking after watching Aagadu in the following tweets-

‘Just watched Aagadu and now going to watch Dookudu, Businessman and Pokiri and I sincerely think Mahesh also should do the same
Am told Aagadu is a 75 crore film and in sheer comparison Magadheera looks like a 750 crore film
My comparison between "Aagadu" and "Magadheera" is mainly because they both are the most expensive films for their own individual times
The dialogue and dialogue modulations of "Aagadu" should be sent to Oscars on a special award...They will truly stand out in world cinema
In "Aagadu" Prakash Raj missed out on his career’s best performance. .I truly feel sorry for him
The subjective derivation of Sreenu Vaitla and Mahesh Babu reminds me of a spiritualistic intercourse of Leonardo Di Caprio and Martin Scorcese
I can't believe Kona Venkat can write such gems of dialogues...by the way I missed the titles ..did Kona write?
My request to Mahesh Babu's fans is to please tell him to do fantastic roles because he is a fantaaaaaaastic actor’

Wonder what Vaitla has to say to this.

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