Madhu Shalini Loots Hearts Traditionally

By - September 24, 2014 - 12:26 PM IST

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A statement that comes quite commonly from the Tollywood fraternity is that the industry doesn’t have the right kind of Telugu girls who fit into the slot of star heroines. Whether that is right or not, one thing is true. There are those deserving Telugu beauties who quite frankly haven’t got their due despite having the right qualities.

A classic example for that is Madhu Shalini. Over the years, Madhu has been a part of Tollywood and whatever opportunity she got, she made the best of it and created an impact. Now, she is on a looting spree. Soon, Madhu will be seen in the new movie Seethavalokanam and the trailer of the film was unveiled recently.

Those who saw the trailer were floored by Madhu’s traditional beauty and her elegant sex appeal. Blessed with a combination of cuteness and a homely attraction, Madhu created a flutter in this royal look. If you don’t believe us, then Qlik on this below link and you will know what we are talking -

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