B'day Spl: Srinu Vaitla on Aagadu & Many more

By - September 23, 2014 - 05:52 PM IST

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Srinu Vaitla is one of the most sought-after directors in Telugu Cinema who gave an all time industry hit like Dookudu starring Mahesh Babu earlier. This powerful combo came together again with Aagadu and the film has released recently. Here is an exclusive chitchat with the director who is going to celebrate his birthday this Sep 24:

How are you going to celebrate your birthday this time?
The success of Aagadu itself is a huge gift to me this time. There are no special celebrations as such. I would be spending time with my family.

How are you feeling about the response coming up for Aagadu?
The response has been quite good. The film’s collections itself are a fitting answer for it.

Did you take any special care to portray Mahesh Babu as lead again in Aagadu, after the success of Dookudu?
I wanted to show Mahesh Babu in a different light this time. In fact, my focus this time was on pure entertainment factor rather than story.

There has been a talk that the second half of Aagadu resembles your earlier flick Dookudu?
I don’t think both these films should be compared. Except for the common point of Hero’s mind game, both the films are entirely different.

Aagadu had many punch dialogues exclusively for Mahesh Babu. What is the effort put behind that?
Yes. We wanted more punch dialogues in order to have a fresh flavor for the film. The short stories narrated by Hero itself is a unique concept which came out really well. We made sure that those ideas suit Mahesh’s style and persona.

Dookudu, Badshah and now Aagadu, back-to-back same 'entertaining Cop' stories. Any special reason?
Well that is sheer coincidence. Dookudu and Badshah were not full length police roles but Aagadu featured Mahesh Babu as a full length Cop role.

Unlike your previous films, Aagadu stirred up many controversies. Your comment on it?
The main reason for it would be just the high expectations on the film. However, the audience are enjoying the film in theatres now.

Your reaction to Ram Gopal Varma's satirical tweets on Aagadu..?
I respect Varma a lot as a filmmaker. When it comes to his tweets, everybody knows it is a light hearted comment and I too don't take it seriously. Even those dialogues targeted on RGV were kept in Aagadu after seeking his consent over phone.

Prakash Raj was part of Aagadu initially. Do you think he would have made a difference to the villain role more than Sonu Sood?
I don’t think so. That role could have suited for any actor- if not Prakash Raj.

What is your comment on Prakash Raj’s controversy relating to Aagadu?
Not interested to Comment upon this.

Did you feel any difference without having Kona Venkat this time?
I usually don’t bother about writers much. Coming to Dookudu, the screenplay and dialogues were by me. I'm a writer myself and I did have my mark in every film I made. So, his (Kona Venkat) absence as usually hasn’t affected much.

It has been a while since we saw a light hearted romantic film like Anandam from you. When can we expect such film?
(Smiles) I'll definitely do such film in coming future.

Your comment upon the accusation that you cannot make a film without Brahmanandam..?
Usually, if a formula works out people prefer to follow it. For me, Brahmanandam became a crucial factor and I'm following it.

About your Upcoming project with Ram Charan?
Haven't really decided yet. I will be announcing about it in a couple of weeks.

Okay thank you and wishing you a very happy birthday!
Thanks a lot! (Smiles)

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