Can He Be Andhra Dhanush?

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If you are familiar with the entertainment industry then you don’t need an introduction about the Kollywood hero Dhanush. Despite the fact that he is the son-in-law of Superstar Rajnikanth, Dhanush came out of that big shadow and earned his own stardom. Eventually, he also got the image of a hero with a real face and a character that all the crowds connect to.

Now, Tollywood seems to be having its own form of Dhanush. This boy’s name is Raj Tharun and if you have seen the film Uyyala Jampala you would have seen the spark and spunk the young hero showed. Some of the cine analysts predict that if Raj Tharun chooses his next set of projects wisely he can reach the heights of Dhanush.

The talk from the common public is that Raj Tharun has got that ‘face in the crowd’ appeal and his genuine smile is like the icing on the cake. Above all, right in his debut flick, he showed immense performance potential which is the main strength for Dhanush as well. Let us see if Raj Tharun reaches that peak or not.

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