Who Will Build New Studios In AP?

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With the Telugu land breaking into two pieces, the Tollywood circuit is going through a sensitive phase. A dilemma on whether the industry is going to branch out towards Andhra Pradesh or evolve by its own still persists. In between this, another topic has come to the light. This is about having new film studios in Andhra Pradesh.

Well, some of them are asking why not have new studios in AP. But here are some facts. Most of the studios that are present in Hyderabad are inside the city. The one that is outside is Ramoji Film City and the challenges they are facing to run the establishment is known. 

Secondly, in order to set up a new studio, a large piece of land is required. Is the AP government in a position to identify such big spaces closer to the city and give it? So, business-wise and investment-wise, it doesn’t really make sense to come up with new studios in Andhra Pradesh so let us hope curtains are dropped on this issue soon.

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