Which Hero Runs Behind KCR?

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The nexus between entertainment industry and politics is always there but it is also true that the cine circuit is on the receiving end and needs the blessings of the politicos. Now, a new talk happening in filmnagar is about which hero will be approaching the Telangana CM KCR to take his blessings.

Well, sometime ago, KCR announced that he is going to grant 2000 acres for a special film city in Telangana region. Ideally, this would mean the land can be used for setting up studios and other film related establishments. And it is also obvious that it would be offered with the required amount of Sops and waivers.

As of now, it is not revealed if any biggie from Tollywood has approached KCR but the speculations are rife on which among them will pursue the matter with the Telangana CM. Of course, there are also those who say running the existing setups itself has become a big challenge so who would want to invest again. Only time will answer this question.

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