Sreenu Vaitla's Intelligent Plan in Aagadu

By - September 25, 2014 - 12:43 PM IST

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The recent film Aagadu was touted to be the biggest blockbuster of the season but unfortunately it didn’t reach that mark. However, the film had its own bright moments and one among them was the energy and pace. Due credit to that is being given to director Sreenu Vaitla and here is an interesting tidbit.

If you have seen Aagadu you would have noticed that Mahesh had a fast paced dialogue characterization. Vaitla reportedly felt that if Mahesh talks fast and others talk slow it won’t sync in the right way. So, he made everyone speak with the same pace which brought a high energy range.

But Vaitla also used his intelligence. Usually, a film is made in 24 frames but a maximum of Aagadu was made in 22 frames which led to that pace. Only those who are very well versed with the technology can identify that change. Well, this plan has ensured that the audience didn’t have a dull moment despite the fact that the film had a duration of nearly two hours forty minutes.

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