Will Kona And Sreenu Vaitla Unite?

By - September 22, 2014 - 11:37 AM IST

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Call it creative differences or plain ego clashes, the relations in entertainment industry tend to be quite volatile. But the breakups also have their own consequences. In Tollywood, one combo which was considered hot is that of writer Kona Venkat and director Sreenu Vaitla.

‘Every relation has an expiry date’ was the statement from Kona when the issue happened. Later on, his films Power and Geethanjali became a hit. Vaitla arrived with Aagadu without Kona and many are saying if Kona was there the impact and result would have been far better.

Whatever may be the issues between both, the combination of Kona and Vaitla will work wonders say the industry folks and cine buffs. But just because people want, there is no guarantee that they will patch up. Their mark combination is definitely fabulous. Once upon a time Raj-Koti gave wonderful music but after separation Koti survived for few more years but Raj was nowhere to be heard. However, all music lovers only remember their tunes as a duo. So, the big question is, will Kona-Vaitla unite and recreate that magic?

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