Ice Cream Films In Full Swing

By - September 26, 2014 - 12:03 PM IST

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Going by the way things are progressing, it could well be that the moment you hear the word Ice Cream you will start shivering with nightmares and spend sleepless nights. The reason for that is one man and his name is Ram Gopal Varma. The eccentric genius has come up with a new series of movies.

They are titled as the Ice Cream series and already one edition is released and the second is about to release. Meanwhile, shooting is going to happen in full swing for the rest of the parts. If you can recall, RGV once mentioned that he is going to come up with Ice Cream 16 as well.

Going forward, the budget is also going to come down and more cost effective ways of filmmaking are going to be introduced by him. As such, it is entirely the RGV brand that is selling the ‘Ice Cream’ series. Whoever is working with these films, they are just looking at this as the platform to showcase their name. They are confident that if their name comes they will get offers in plenty and Ice Cream will make their careers. 

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