Nobody had trust in my abilities till then: Krishna Vamsi

By - October 02, 2014 - 05:12 PM IST

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Krishna Vamshi is one of the valuable directors of Telugu Cinema with his unique way of story-telling and interesting portrayal of characters.  He is one bold director who could venture out on hard hitting topics such as  Naxalism, Factionism, Women Trafficking and so on with amazing perfection. This doesn’t mean he cannot handle out the regular Love Stories and Family Drama styled films. His latest film Govindudu Andari Vadele starring Ram Charan has been received well by the family audience and here is an exclusive chitchat with the director:

Please tell us about the response you received for GAV..
It has been good from everywhere. People said that the last 20 minutes of the film really moved them. I'm glad that they could connect to the film so well. I felt confident that if a good movie is told it will be appreciated. Some even said that Krishna Vamsi is back. Though I’ve never lost my touch in making films, it was happy to hear so many positive things about my film.
How did you manage to convince Charan to accept this different subject?
He gave a nod to the script in just 20mins long. His readiness has increased my responsibility and made me determined to score a hit at any cost.

About your working experience with Charan..
The best aspect of Charan is he respects everyone on the sets. He is a humble person at heart. He never hesitated in being innovative for a scene and improvising.

What was the reason behind you to become so emotional on the day of GAV’s teaser release?
The reason for it is because nobody had trust in my abilities till then. I was very emotionally moved because a good film was going to come and prove people wrong.

Your main strength as a director seems to be in Family Dramas & GAV is one such film…
I don’t think so. I did take different subjects like Naxalism, Factionism and so on. But for a film to come out well, star value is very crucial and Charan struck it right.

What was Chiranjeevi’s feedback after watching GAV?
He said Charan was shown differently. He said it would be a different film for Charan and appreciated my work.  Many people called and said they remembered their family watching the film. As its festival release, everybody is enjoying the film with families thereby making me happier.

What was his contribution to GAV?
I have to thank Annayya (Chiranjeevi) for helping me out in every phase of the filmmaking. His advices definitely took the film to a new level. Though it has been nearly seven years he did a film, he has perfect idea about the pulse of the audience. He looked at GAV as a film alone but like his son’s film.

You seem to have a liking to include romantic song in every film of yours. Even GAV has one. Any reason behind it?
It is a good opportunity to show heroine in beautiful way. I try to give all flavors to the audience and glamor is one such flavor.

How do you feel about Prakash Raj’s presence in GAV?
It is a character which only Prakash can do. We did take Raj Kiran earlier, but Chiranjeevi was the one who suggested Prakash Raj. I really thank Annayya for it. I liked the judgmental capabilities of Chiru and Charan.

You hardly had successful films of late. How did you feel with GAV?
I didn’t change myself because of failures and undervalued myself. I will continue being so and will not be carried away with success.

Are you in the race for Chiru 150th film?
Annayya knows the best director for his comeback film.

Upcoming films?
I will be doing a big film with a huge star. Will come up with the details soon! As of now I am relishing the success of GAV!

Okay..Congratulations and Happy Vijaya Dasami!
Thank you and wish you and your iQlik viewers the same!

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