Jan 9th Target- Tollywood's Lucky Date

By - October 04, 2014 - 03:49 PM IST

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There is an unwritten code of conduct that is followed strongly by many members of the Tollywood fraternity and this is dominated by sentiments. One such sentiment is about a lucky date. According to filmnagar circles, having a solo release for a film on January 9 means the film is confirmed blockbuster.

With this target in mind, there are many filmmakers who plan to release their project on that date. Ironically, all of them think “We are coming solo” but all come on same day. Despite that, the success ratio for January 9 is very high which honors the sentiment in an effective manner.

While that may be the version of the film circles, the rationalists give their point of view. They say “January 9 works mainly because it is New Year and Sankranthi time, so, the festival moods are high. Moreover, in November and December you don’t see much of big hero films and that also adds to the craving which works in favor for the film.” What are your thoughts on this.

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