Prakash Raj latest open counter to Srinu Vaitla

By - October 04, 2014 - 01:42 PM IST

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In the history of Telugu cinema, Aagadu will be one film that will be remembered for its controversies than content. This film has witnessed the rift between two talented creative individuals – Srinu Vaitla and Prakash Raj.  Their spat has once again hit the headlines with the latest sensational comments of Prakash Raj.

In a recent press interview, talking upon his press meet statement (“Nannu raallu petti kottaku..pattukuni illu kattestanu…”) being used as a satire in Aagadu (Sonu Sood utters this same phrase in a scene), Prakash Raj rebukes Srinu Vaitla upon his mediocre and unprofessional making. He questioned Vaitla’s talent and caliber for making a film with satires and comments on Pawan Kalyan, Kona Venkat and others in spite of having a big hero and Mahesh Babu in hand. He in turn advised Srinu Vaitla to mend his arrogant and egoistic attitude and rather concentrate on his own work.

He added that he rather pities Srinu Vaitla for his unnecessary focus upon conspiring against him. He reasserted that he has nothing against Mahesh Babu or others and he has several other directors like Puri, Krishna Vamsi et al. “Everyone is here to work. Unlike you, I never wanted to kick you out of this industry. We’ve worked for Dookudu and I’m ready to work again. But keep your ego aside. Live and let others live” – Prakash Raj gives gyan to Srinu Vaitla.

Let’s see if Srinu Vaitla retaliates to this open counter and if he has to say anything about this!

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