RGV asks Mee Savitri Evaru?

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Ram Gopal Varma has always been on the front run in announcing eccentric and controversial film projects. Even off film arena, RGV puts his strong views on controversial subjects like religion, god, scriptures and so on evoking opposition and wrath from many sections of the society. He has recently announced a project called Savitri and said that the film would deal with a relationship between a teenage boy and an older woman. Here are some more shocking revelations made by the director himself which would stun the Telugu Film Goers!

" Every teenage boy has a 'Savitri' in his life. During my schooldays I used to go head over heels over my English teacher named Saraswati. My film Savitri is based on that teacher Saraswati. In the same way you would be having a similar 'Savitri' in life in your neighbourhood, or a sister's friend, or your tuition teacher! We are doing 'Savitri' drawing inspiration from such real life characters. On that note, we are announcing a contest named 'Mee Savitri Evaru?' . You can share your real life experiences relating to such Savitris in the website naasavitri.com and we would include those incidents in the film as well!

Get lucky with 'Savitri'!"

So going by this announcement, it is clear that RGV chose another bold film and by not stopping there, he is even inviting such similar people to come forth in sharing their experiences! We will have to wait and see what sort of reactions would occur with these controversial and strong lines!

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