RGV's 'Savitri' Changed To 'Sridevi'!

By - October 05, 2014 - 01:50 PM IST

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Eccentric filmmaker RGV's upcoming film project Savitri has stirred lot of controversy for its content and the recently released poster which was called objectionable by certain sections of audience. The film deals with a teenage boy's infatuation over an older woman. RGV has even invited audience to share their own similar experiences so that it would be included in the film. In the mood of current opposition against the film's title, RGV seems to have made up his mind in changing it to something else. But it turns out to be even more controversial!

RGV said " I am delighted to share the news about my upcoming film. Due to some reasons we are changing 'Savitri' to 'Sridevi'. My film would be releasing as RGV's Sridevi now!"

RGV has been quite open about his admiration and love for actress Sridevi since ages. He has even written a blog about the days when he approached her for Kshana Kshanam story discussions and now the change of title to her name sure looks like his token of appreciation towards the actress!

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