'Shiva-25 Years' Screening Postponed

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It is known news that recently we reported about the celebration of the 25 year completion of the cult blockbuster Shiva.

A documentary has been made upon the film and a special screening has been originally scheduled today (i.e., Oct 5) but according to reports, the screening has been postponed to October 6.

A very close circuit of people related to the film is going to assemble at Annapurna Studios and they would witness 15 minutes screening of the documentary. Later, it is going to be released in You Tube with its full duration i.e, one and half hour on the same day. Reports say the full telecast of this documentary is to happen in MAA TV.

Shiva is a cult that not only changed the way of making films but also the way of watching films! Fans are awaiting yet another film of that standard from RGV!

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