Shiva Documentary: A Karmic Play

By - October 08, 2014 - 01:15 PM IST

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Exploring Shiva after 25 years, a prolific documentary made upon the cult classic Shiva that released yesterday is being widely acclaimed all over. This first of its kind documentary made upon a classic movie in Tollywood has indeed enhanced the respect over the film.

On this note, sharing with iQlik his joy and the experience of conceptualization and working on this documentary, film lyricist and poet Sira Sri said -

“The word ‘privilege’ is very small to express my feeling in associating with the 25 Years of Shiva. I may call it ‘bliss’. 
The film released and ran for more than 100 days in theatres, but it has been running in the minds of millions of audience and filmmakers from the last 25 years. And I am very sure it also runs for years down the line.

Making a documentary on 25 Years of Shiva, is nothing but a Karmic play or Law of Attraction. Who am I among the millions of admirers of Shiva? A mere audience who watched it for the first time as a 11 year old child in a remote town. But today, the Nature/Law of Attraction/ Karmic Connection has chosen me to conceive this documentary. I find no vocabulary now to translate my feelings into words. I sincerely see myself as a ladle that prepared this dish called 'Exploring Shiva After 25 Years', but the actual chef is the Nature that brought everything and everyone in right place. 

Well, I can say one thing that amazed me. The film may be 25 years old, but its director, its hero, its heroine, its villain student and everyone acted in this film are still looking younger. I have an experience while shooting this documentary. JD Chakravarthy made me run to demonstrate the steadicam, explaining the scene from the film where Nagarjuna chases him in the college and thrashes him. It took away my breathe but I am wondered at his stamina levels. I was stunned to see the toughness of Tarzan, the agility of Siva Satyanarayana, the ever young Uttej and above all it nevertheless to say about the evergreen Nagarjuna ji and ever graceful Amala ji. Of course, RGV…as he rightly said in my book 'Vodka With Varma', he has been descending in his age ever since he was born. 

As far as this documentary is concerned, I need to acknowledge the hard work of cinematographer Sangeet and Editor Sanga Pratap who toiled day and night to bring it out. And my sincere thanks to RGV ji, Nagarjuna garu and Amala garu for their immense support without which this couldn't have happened. I also thank the entire cast and crew of Shiva and also the top directors who are featured in this documentary, sharing their feelings and opinions.

I'm just waiting to watch the remastered 'Shiva' in the last week of October in theatre again, after 25 years! “

Even the fans are equally awaiting the theatrical re-release of this Cult classic. Well, haven’t watched the documentary yet? Watch it here.

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