Censor Leaks On 'Romeo'

By - October 09, 2014 - 01:20 PM IST

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No matter what the speculations are and how the inside reports give a picture, the real fate of a film is decided only when it reaches the censor board office and gets certified. It is here that the actual film is seen and this is the reason why there are always spies snooping around to get the real talk of a film.

This has been the case with the new movie Romeo and here is some info which got leaked. It is heard that the film is a high energy entertainer and it has the potential to attract viewers with its making standards and subject. The other highlight of the film is touted to be the dialogues which are entertaining and emotional at few places.

The spies also reveal that there is no idle moment in the film and the performance of hero Sairam Shankar will take the audience by surprise. Overall, the censor leaks suggest that Romeo would appeal strongly with the youth and masses. We will know its fate in the next 24 hours as it is releasing tomorrow.