Nagarjuna For Shilpa Reddy Studio

By - October 11, 2014 - 02:38 PM IST

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You don’t need an introduction of Akkineni Nagarjuna but by any chance if you don’t know about Shilpa Reddy then here are few details. She happens to be a big page 3 celebrity in Hyderabad and former Mrs India. She also has her set of designer stores across Hyderabad. For the film circles, she is known as the elder sister of the handsome actor Samrath Reddy.

Now, the link between Nag and Shilpa is, both are very good friends and for that matter, Shilpa has got one of her boutique store in the premises of Nag’s food joint ‘N Asian’. True to their camaraderie and friendship, Nag takes enough interest to give his push to Shilpa’s ventures and initiatives. Recently, he came up with a tweet like this. 

‘Shilpa Reddy Studio is taking @malkhaindia 2@Paris#EiffelTower Paris. It is exclusively from Telangana and Andhra regions" ‎

When a style icon like Nag speaks about fashion it is bound to register strongly in the minds of all. That way, Shilpa Reddy is getting the right kind of boost and catalyst to her new project. 

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