Akira was named by me not Pawan: Renu Desai

By - October 13, 2014 - 06:40 PM IST

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Renu Desai is one of the promising actresses who graced the world of Telugu Cinema with her debut film Badri opposite Pawan Kalyan. Though she did few films she made a unique mark in Tollywood with her acting skills and style. She later married Power Star and actively worked for his films as costume designer as well.  Despite their recent split, Renu Desai is all set with her directorial debut Ishq Wala Love which is originally made in Marathi but getting dubbed in Telugu. Here is an exclusive chitchat with the talented personality!

Hello Renu Desai garu..

You were into costume designing after acting stint in your career. What made you shift to direction now?
I never did costume designing seriously in life. Being an Arts student in Degree I had good idea about colors and their usage . I began my career as a model and came into acting profession. Pawan Kalyan made me join an editing school in London and I even worked as an assistant director for Kushi- though not many people identified it. Now I am into direction and I feel quite happy about it.

How was it to direct your first ever film after a long career?
I married at the age of 19. Now I am 33 and I am already feeling I’ve aged much! But I am feeling very happy to direct my first film. The film released on Oct 10th in Marathi and we are planning to release the Telugu dubbed version as soon as possible.

What is the most special aspect about Ishq Wala Love?
Perhaps the best aspect is to see my son debut in this film! It must be a rare situation where the mother and son are debuting as director and actor respectively! When I asked Pawan to permit Akira to act in my film, he smiled!

Do you watch Pawan’s films often with your kids?
Of course. I saw Gabbar Singh 60 times for sake of my children as they feel like watching their father’s films! We watched the film so many times that the DVD got scratches as well. We watched Attarintiki Daaredhi at least 20 times!

What is Ishq Wala Love all about?
First things first, there is no relation between movie and my personal life. In this movie, the lifestyle of current generation is shown. Women are more career oriented and not willing to marry at ease. Even in marriage they are showing interest to have kids. Break up and patch up is happening in lightning speed.

How is the feedback in Marathi for your film’s release?
Well the feedback has been quite good and satisfactory. My work has been appreciated well.

Will you ever direct a film with Pawan as a hero as you have access and comfort level with him?
I wouldn’t do a film with Pawan just because he is accessible to me. Only when I truly believe I’ve reached his level of expertise I would do!
Did you find the multiple responsibilities of production and direction to be tough for this film?
Yes absolutely. I’ve decided not to take two responsibilities at once from now. If I like a story I would produce it and if any producer approaches me I would direct it. But if both responsibilities are handled at once, the career span would get stumbled.

Tell us about the music in Ishq Wala Love..
There are 9 songs in this film.  Interestingly, filmmaker SJ Surya composed one song which came out quite well. My kids also liked that song particularly in the album.

Is there any interesting personal fact regarding your family which you want to share with us?
My son Akira was named by me but not by Pawan (Smiles).

Please tell us about your working experience with the Technical team in Ishq Wala Love.
The most celebrated cinematographer Vinod Pradhan worked for my film and he earlier worked for visually rich films like Devdas, Taal and even Pawan’s Komaram Puli. Even the rest of my team is quite experienced and hence I didn’t find any difficulty at all. Regarding the story it was penned by myself six years ago.

How do you like Hyderabad as a city?
I have great a bonding with Hyderabad. I came to Hyderabad for the first time in 1999. It is like my parents house. Though I was born and brought up in Pune, I am very happy to be back here. Those days the roads of Hyderabad had a Maruti or a Santro car in lesser numbers but now there is a remarkable change. It is a delight to watch a transformed Hyderabad!

What was Pawan’s role in helping you out for your directorial debut?
Pawan has supported me a lot for this film. He said he is always there to help me in trouble. I didn’t get any trouble and didn’t ask for it. Media has exaggerated saying that I got lot of help from Pawan but nothing of that sort.

Any upcoming direction projects?
No upcoming films as of now. I am currently delighted with the release of my first film!

Okay.. Thank you and wishing you the best for Ishq Wala Love in Telugu!
Thanks a lot!

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