PM Chasing Film Star

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Within a very short span, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the most sought after personality among the Aam Janta. So, it does sound surprising when you read the headline. Well, the film star we are referring to is the living legend Amitabh Bachchan and here is a small insight on this matter.

Apparently, Big B is leading in the Twitter platform with a whopping 10.8 million followers to his credit. Now, PM Narendra Modi is not far behind and he is catching up with Big B with a follower count of 7.11 million. It is a common thing to expect from a film celebrity but very rare to see a politician having that type of following.

But amidst the two, though Modi had the early bird advantage as he came early into twitter before senior Bachchan, it has not worked to his favor. However, the speed with which the PM has picked up in the last year or two, there is a good chance that he might overtake Amitabh. This is going to be an interesting chase.   

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