More Than Rs 10 Crores In Just 1 Day

By - October 16, 2014 - 03:37 PM IST

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The adage ‘Calm Before The Storm’ fits perfectly to the city of Vizag and north Andhra as nobody imagined the cyclone Hudhud would wreak such havoc. Now, the entire region lies totally dismantled and has to depend totally on external support. True to that, another calm before the storm occurred in filmnagar.

After Hudhud came and did its share of destruction, many were looking forward to hear something from Tollywood. Initially, there was a brief calm but within no time, a storm of contributions and donations came from different people. Tollywood celebs came together and contributed in their own strength.

But the impact is so strong that in just one day the contribution has touched 10 crores. The donations are still continuing from many film personalities. While some are giving for the CM relief fund, some want to go in person and do some contribution. For a change, the reel life heroes are becoming the real life heroes. 

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