Fans! Dont Cross Limits With Heroines

By - October 20, 2014 - 04:41 PM IST

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It is obvious that almost everyone of you would be a fan of some hero or heroine for many reasons. While that is fine, we must also remind ourselves of a line that should not be crossed. In the last few years, many instances have occurred where fans admiration is turning into an obsession.

This is more to do with heroine fans. Few months ago, Shruti Haasan had a scare when a stranger wanted to enter her flat. Now, something similar happened with the cat eyed beauty Sneha Ullal. In both cases, it turned out to be the fans becoming stalkers out of their craze. 

Of course, the end result remains that both of them got caught by cops and taken to task. So, there is nothing wrong in liking someone as a fan but there is a limit to it. If that is crossed, the consequences could get heavy and fatal. Make a note and behave wisely with maturity.

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