Director's Vishwaroopam With Weapons

By - October 23, 2014 - 03:03 PM IST

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When you become a filmmaker in Tollywood and want to be known as a mainstream director then it is mandatory that you come up with action treats and masala potboilers. In that, another requirement is that you need to possess the ability of coming up with some designer weapons that elevates the mass image of your hero.

This is something director S S Rajamouli discovered long ago and he has set a benchmark when it comes to weapons. If you look at his filmography, his movies are famous for unique weapons. In almost every movie, there is a special weapon. Some of his blockbusters like Simhadri, Magadheera, Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu have created the much needed adrenaline kick for masses.

For that matter, even his last venture ‘Eega’ had a weapon. Now, Rajamouli is all set to show his Vishwaroopam with weapons as part of his magnum opus Baahubali. Given the fact that it is a war epic with swordsmen, some of the most unimaginable designs of weapons are expected and that too in large quantities. This would be a treat for the weapon lovers.

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