Second Film With Same Hero

By - October 27, 2014 - 05:57 PM IST

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It is an unwritten norm in the film industry that whenever a director and hero work together for a film, it would take a while before they come together again. However, even that trend might get a full stop if the latest news from filmnagar is to be believed. One director is planning his next film with the same hero he worked in his current project.

He is none other than debutante director Chandoo Mondeti and the hero in focus is Nikhil. Apparently, both Chandoo and Nikhil have arrived with Karthikeya and the film is getting a very positive response. Now, instead of venturing out for another hero, reports say Chandoo has prepared a script for his next project.

The interesting twist is, he wants to do his second movie also with Nikhil. While the idea is offbeat, the Tollywood seniors say this attempt will work only if Chandoo is coming up with a story very different from Karthikeya. If this materializes, it is going to be an interesting and attention capturing trend.

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