What Is This Beauty Doing?

By - October 27, 2014 - 05:47 PM IST

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Call it an irony or the fact of business but in entertainment industry, though there is a hot flood of beauties everyday, there is a constant demand for heroines. The reason for that is, most of the beauties don’t really sustain long enough and fade away. Even the audience and filmmakers seeking a lot of variety has expedited this process.

However, there are times when certain starlets come in with a lot of promise and disappear leaving everyone guessing. This is the case with Isha Chawla. She was seen in a flurry of movies in Tollywood but suddenly she became silent. Given her beauty and sex appeal, many expected her to rise in Tollywood and become an A-listed heroine.

Isha was last seen in the movie Jump Jilani and after that no news. But after some enquiries, our sources reveal Isha has now spread her arms and has expanded into neighbouring circuits. It is heard that she is busy with two projects in Tamil and one project in Kannada. About time Isha returns to Telugu once again as her admirers are eagerly waiting.

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