She demands 25L for promotion?

By - November 01, 2014 - 06:59 PM IST

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Any film needs promotion and generally, the lead star cast of the film is expected to participate in the promotions. But some stars are quite reluctant to take part due to reasons best known to them. Such tantrums are usually displayed by star heroines both in the North and down South as well.
According to inside sources, the most happening sultry siren Sunny Leone also expressed such tantrums when a popular production asked her to participate in the promotions of the film she acted recently. She has been offered a whopping Rs.75 lakhs for a small cameo and she has apparently demanded around Rs. 25 lakhs to take part in a couple of promotional interviews.
The corresponding production house which felt that it was not worthy enough, chose to proceed without Sunny. However, the film fared well and the Sunny factor did play a part in the film’s success [but the production house was lucky enough to have saved Rs 25 lakhs!]

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