Senior Music Director In RGV's Camp?

By - November 03, 2014 - 04:04 PM IST

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There was a time when Ram Gopal Varma worked with the best in business and he churned out some amazing flicks in both Tollywood and Bollywood. But in the last few years, RGV has been working with debutantes and younger crowd of actors and technicians for reasons better known to him.

But now, an inside talk is that few senior music directors are extending their hand to join RGV’s camp. Apparently, these music directors swung the audience with their tunes few years back and became trendsetters. And now, they are keen to work with RGV. It is heard that they are also okay with his new business module.

Apparently, Ramu is looking at offering no remuneration but sharing the profits from the revenue of a film after it releases. Already, two senior music directors have come and met him. Given the fact that RGV has got few Telugu movies and also few Bollywood flicks in line, this is going to further strengthen his music department.

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