"Shiva" Re-release In 3rd Week

By - November 03, 2014 - 03:55 PM IST

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The cult blockbuster Shiva came way back in 1989 but the way it has changed the face of Telugu cinema and set new standards to filmmaking is impeccable. During October 2014, the film completed 25 years of its existence and a special documentary was also made which got an overwhelming response.

Now, ‘Shiva’ is all set to entertain the audience of this generation. With a significant enhancement in its audio settings and a better picture, Shiva is expected to arrive on November 21st, as per sources. Reports say Nagarjuna who played the title role is keen to have a big release just like any other film of today.

So, ‘Shiva’ is expected to arrive in at least hundred theatres. This is being considered a very prestigious re-release given the glory and history the film made when it came first. It would also give a chance to the thirty plus generation to revisit the past and relish the memories of fighting with a cycle chain. 

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