Ten Memorable Characters Played By Kamal Hassan

By - November 06, 2014 - 07:22 PM IST

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Kamal Hassan- The name itself speaks of versatility, style, amazing histrionics and multifaceted nature. By saying multifaceted, Kamal Hassan is not somebody who just does it for casual sake. He does anything with so much perfection that it becomes a trendsetter! Let it be character selection, dialogue delivery, Singing, Directing, Dancing- this man can do anything with amazing perfection!  On the eve of the legendary actor’s birthday, iQlikmovies brings you the ten memorable characters played by him in his acting career:
Fickle Minded Balu From Maro Charitra: Kamal stunned the audience with his fantastic portrayal as a Tamil Brahmin guy who falls head over heels in love with Swapna (Saritha) a non-brahmin Telugu girl. The fluctuating nature of typical Indian male was breathtakingly brought to life by this actor. The scene where Kamal speaks in impeccable Telugu of various slangs still brings goose bumps to any viewer!

The Visually Challenged Violinist in Amavasya Chandrudu:  During the era when Hero meant star value, fights and mass dialogues, Kamal Hassan redefined the term with realistic characterizations who would look like someone next door. This film broke the cliché of a blind man in Indian Cinema- which usually showed visually challenged people as objects of sympathy or sadness.

The Unemployed Youth Ranga In Aakali Rajyam:  Nobody except Kamal could play this exemplary character of a frustrated youth – a striking representation of Indian young graduate of the 80s. His unique diction in rendering each poem of Poet Sri Sri makes it even more special!

Balu The Failed Dancer in Sagara Sangamam: The film’s name itself speaks mountains about the acting extravaganza. This film marked the combination of Kamal Hassan with Kala Tapasvi K.Vishwanath. Let it be the classic “Pancha Bhootamulu” sequence, or the “Dance Festival Invitation” sequence- Kamal is at his masterful perfection for this role.

Sivayya The Man with Pearl Heart in Swathi Muthyam:  Kamal Hassan’s portrayal as a mentally challenged hero who knows nothing but to selflessly love people became a shock for Telugu Audience in this film. Can anyone forget the unique dance moves done by him during the eternal classic “Suvvi Suvvi”- where he misses each beat to be truthful to the role?

Appu from the Circus in Vichitra Sodarulu: It was Singeetham and Kamal who could think of a unique dual role film in which one hero is nice and handsome while the other is short. Kamal’s emotional expressions when he realizes he failed in love cannot be described in any language!

Practical Youth in Pushpaka Vimanam: Singeetham struck again with a film sans dialogues or voice this time and Kamal excelled in every expression with masterful ease. Let it be greediness, romance, anger, sadness, comedy- Kamal’s magnum opus can be seen in this film.

The Evil Mayor in Indrudu Chandrudu: Kamal Hassan is best known for his handsome looks and flawless appearance . What would one expect when he takes up the challenge of acting in an unattractive Mayor role with a belly and middle aged looks? That was what exactly happened in this film. Kamal changed every aspect of his appearance such as diction, voice, looks and so on to suit this deadly role!

The Real Indian Senapathy in Bharateeyudu: During the era when Heroes confined to roles having style and glamor, Kamal Hassan dared to play a dual role once again in which one of the roles is that of a patriotic old man Senapathy. His unique style and the way he carried the extensive makeup became an exemplary thing for every aspiring actor!

The Rationalist Shivam in Satyame Shivam: This fantastic role speaks about humanity, and loving the fellow human being more than following religious rituals and so forth. It is one unique film which breaks many everyday clichés through the character of Shivam.

The Funny Baamma Krishnaveni in Dasavataram: The biggest challenge taken by Kamal Hassan in adoring ten roles isn’t a huge thing. The real stunning moment is when Kamal is seen as a 90 year old Brahmin widow with funny gait, superb comedy timing and amazing histrionics. Nobody except Kamal could carry such tough role with great perfection!

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