Comedians Became Producers

By - November 06, 2014 - 07:10 PM IST

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If you are part of the film industry or anywhere near it, you would hear one common statement from many. They would say the most thankless job in the industry is that of a producer because he spends the whole money and suffers the worst damage if the film flunks. At a time like this, few comedians have become producers.

According to reports, the hit TV program ‘Jabardasth’ has been seeing huge demand and it has also made celebrities out of the participants. Many of them are super talented comedians. Now, it is heard that the comedians are getting paid in lakhs by the producers of the show so they are inturn becoming producers.

Well, they are taking aspiring comedians under their wings and together as a team they are performing their skits. With this, the product is coming out well and it is also providing livelihood for all those talented individuals sitting idle at Krishnanagar and waiting for opportunities. This is indeed a good ecosystem of comedians developing, thanks to the ‘Jabardasth’ batch.

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