He told me to be very careful with Dasari garu: Manchu Vishnu

By - November 10, 2014 - 05:19 PM IST

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Manchu Vishnu has had an interesting journey as an actor till now. Belonging to the power packed and straight forward Manchu Family, he managed to make a mark with unique films like Dhee, Denikaina Ready and so on. This year has been quite interesting for the actor as he worked with veteran director RGV for Rowdy and Anukshanam and now coming up with Erra Bus directed by the extremely talented Dasari Narayana Rao. Here is an exclusive interview with the actor:
Hello Vishnu..how are you doing?
Hi..I am doing good!

How was it working for the first time with a great director like Dasari?
Many people said it was my fortune to work with him. But I seriously felt like a young cricketer getting trained from a senior coach! I had the real luck to work with three films directed by great directors such as RGV and Dasari garu.

Did you do any homework before hitting the sets of Erra Bus?
I only thought one thing before going for filming. I didn’t want Dasari to correct my work at any point of time.  In short, Erra Bus increased my confidence as an actor!

What were your Dad’s suggestions for working with Dasari?
Dad told me to be extremely careful with Dasari garu (Laughs). He said if I don’t perform as per his standard he might scold or even hit me! But I must admit it was quite comfortable to work with Dasari garu. In fact, he took some of my suggestions and made immediate changes to the script. In one scene I advised to have a dialogue with rhyming and he changed it in the shot time itself. I really understood the greatness of Dasari garu by working in this film!
How did Erra bus come up in the first place?
When I was abroad, Dasari garu called me. He said he wanted to gift me something special and said he wants to do a film with him. I didn’t even ask him about the subject. Before the shooting, I saw the original and I was scared to see the climax’s emotional range. I asked him whether I can do such tough scene. He said he believes in the acting talent I have and I can definitely excel in the scene.
What is Erra bus all about?
It is a story of a youngster who gets torn between his grandfather and lover. There is ample scope for human emotion. Dasari did the role of an innocent old man. My role can be done by any other actor as such but his role can be done only by Dasari alone.

How was it working with Dasari as an actor?
Climax is a great highlight for the film. With one unique expression, Dasari takes all the credit from me. He is a pride of Indian Cinema. The best of acting comes when we perform alongside such legendary artists.

Dasari compared you to the handsome actor Sobhan Babu in the Erra Bus audio function. Your comment?
I don’t know whether I deserve it but I felt very proud to be compared with Sobhan Babu. He was a legendary actor with huge following and it is indeed a moment of honor to be compared to him.

Dasari hasn’t been having a successful time as a director. What made you trust him for Erra Bus?
Keeping success and failure aside, Dasari garu is one gentleman who thinks ahead of his times. His films like Chillarakottu Chittemma and Sivaranjani are evergreen classic. He changed the plight of Telugu Cinema and a daring personality. It is a great honor to work with him.

Did you dad watch Erra Bus?
Dad didn’t see but Brahmanandam watched it and He wished me by personally calling. He has been telling everyone to watch the film and raving about my performance since then!

Don’t you feel there are too many remakes in your career?
I don’t think it is wrong to do a remake provided the story is exceptionally good. I’ve been waiting for the right story and when I got it, I immediately agreed.

How has your journey as a producer been this year?
It has been quite satisfactory. Current Theega fetched record openings for Manoj and Anukshanam was made in a shoestring budget. I learnt how to plan for a film by associating with RGV. I realize my market value and I chose such subjects. The audience is quite aware of the budget range and they give such result.

Any important lessons learnt as a producer?
The director of the film should have great clarity. If that isn’t present it is a real pain for the Producer.

It was initially said that Current Theega and Erra Bus would be released in auction system. But it  hasn’t been so. Why?
We didn’t have the time for it. We were filming for Erra Bus till recently and the censor formalities also finished just few days ago. I would definitely release my upcoming films in auction format.

What happened to Assembly Rowdy remake?
It is a tough story to fit in the current scenario. Looking for another such story for its replacement!

Upcoming movies?
I am doing Singham 123 with Sampoornesh Babu and it is going to be an out and out crazy film!
Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Erra Bus!
Thank you very much!

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