Film Critics Shocked Knowing This

By - November 17, 2014 - 05:59 PM IST

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If you are part of the film industry then the one person you are most likely to hate is the film critic. No matter how best you come up with a film, the critic slams you and points out the negativities in your film. At the same time, if a critic appreciates a particular film then it does come as a shocker.

But right now, many critics in India and across the globe are in a state of shock. This has to do with their predictions on the recent Hollywood release Interstellar. According to them, the worldwide collections for this film should have rocked and created a new record in terms of figures.

However, they were shocked to know that in US Box Office, Interstellar got beaten by a 3D computer animated film. It is called as Big Hero 6 and reports reveal it has crossed the collections of Interstellar by a sizeable margin. Not many know about the film here though it came in India. 

Animation films never get patronage in India. It is known that even ambitious animation projects like Kochadaiyaan and Hanuman also flopped here. The bottom line is that our critics felt Interstellar would be a worldwide hit but reverse happened at US box office.

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