Bulk Muscle Tension For Fans

By - November 17, 2014 - 06:03 PM IST

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Are you a star hero fan? If you are not then here is some Gyan. There is a very intense and sensitive emotional bond that runs between a fan and his star. Irrespective of how the star feels about it, a fan would consider his star as a demigod and anything and everything matters to him in a very emotional manner.

So, whenever there is something unusual happening, more than the hero, fans start getting worried. Something like that is happening right now with young rebel star Prabhas. Recently, he was present at a film related event and fans were shocked looking at Prabhas.

Apparently, he has piled on an additional 25 kilos and his total body and muscle built is gigantic. This is for the magnum opus Baahubali and he is looking very rough and rugged. Some fitness experts say since it is bulk muscle, it will take time to reduce.

So, even after the shooting is done, he cannot start shooting for his next film immediately. It would require a six month window for him to come back to his original shape. So, fans are worried when his next after Baahubali will happen. Some are suggesting he has to sign another role which is somewhat rough like Chatrapathi but doing a dreamboy role is not possible. What say Darling Prabhas?

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