Inside News: Nepal Nani To Rock Tollywood

By - November 18, 2014 - 06:03 PM IST

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When you watch a film, there is always some variety or different environment you seek. It is more to do with finding relevance between the backdrop and the story. This is the reason why for many movies, the backdrop becomes important.  For instance, ‘Badrinath’ was shot with the backdrop of Badrinath.

‘Indra’ was shot with Varanasi as the backdrop. ‘Vikramarkudu’ had Chambal village in Bihar while the recent release ‘Power’ had Kolkata as the backdrop. Even Mahesh Babu’s current movie is having Pune as the backdrop. Earlier, he did ‘Arjun’ with Madurai city as the backdrop.

This has been a trademark for films and identity becomes quite special with this ingredient. The latest entrant to this trend is Nani. A new movie is currently on with Nani as the hero and this is being made under the banner of Three Angels owned by the daughters of mighty producer Aswini Dutt.

Inside sources reveal the story is being made with Nepal as the backdrop. This is first of its kind since Nepal was never the backdrop for a Telugu movie. One schedule got completed recently so let us wait to see what Nani has to offer from Nepal.

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