Meaningless Cuts By Censor Board

By - November 22, 2014 - 10:27 AM IST

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All of you know how important it is for a film to get a censor certificate and based on the rating, we take a call on whether to watch the film or not. But for some reason, the certification process in Tollywood has been rather haphazard as nobody in filmnagar is sure what part gets censored and what stays.

The reason for this topic is due to the comments coming from the crew of the film as they are coming out of the theatres after watching the film Ice Cream 2. In one scene, an actress points to Bhopal and says ‘There is no talented director like you and if you make a film even Rajamouli and Sreenu Vaitla will quit industry.” Here, the names of both directors were muted. In fact, that rises no controversy at all. 

If you can recall, in the film Money there is a famous song which goes ‘Vaareva emi face uu….’ and one line in that goes like this ‘Balayya, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Nareshu….motthamga andaru aipovaaloi matashhu.” When there was no objection for that song all these years, why objection for this small dialogue in Ice Cream-2, questions a crew member.

Similarly, when heroine Naveena is leaving during the climax, the other actor JD Chakravarthy says ‘Emundhi le ice cream lekka…’ but even the word ice cream got muted. Due to that, all are thinking what is the cuss word in that and a censor cut there is meaningless. 

They don’t know whether to call it strict or meaningless censor cuts by the censor board.   

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