Ravu Ramesh replacing Prakash Raj?

By - November 22, 2014 - 10:15 AM IST

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The adage ‘Chip Of The Old Block’ is meant for those sons who become as famous or successful as their fathers or even more. But such examples are quite rare. However, Tollywood is a place where you find the answers to all examples. As for this adage, the best example is none other than Ravu Ramesh.

He is the son of the iconic antagonist Ravu Gopala Rao. Now, the filmnagar talk is that Ravu Ramesh is becoming the best replacement for Prakash Raj. As such, Prakash is a powerhouse performer but he is quite expensive and not accessible to all directors and producers. He cannot be afforded for an average budget flick.

As a result, all are approaching Ravu Ramesh and he is not disappointing them. At the same time he is also seen in big movies. This is not a comparison of any sorts because both Ravu Ramesh and Prakash Raj have acted together in films like SVSC and Balupu. But Ravu Ramesh is carving a niche for himself. The other factor being pointed out is, handling Prakash Raj requires the director to be experienced and sensible. On the other hand, Ravu Ramesh is quite friendly, flexible and cooperative. What are your thoughts on this folks?

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