Rough Will Redefine My Image: Aadhi

By - November 25, 2014 - 06:56 PM IST

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Young Hero Aadhi has made his own mark in Tollywood with energetic dances, good performances and interesting script choices. After attaining success with Prema Kavali, he enthralled the audience with Gaalipatam this year, which is based on an interesting concept. Now the ever energetic hero is back with his latest venture Rough. Here is an exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Aadhi..how are you doing?
Hi..I am doing great!

Please tell us about your new film Rough..
It is a full length action entertainer. I am glad to do Rough because I didn’t get much scope in doing action oriented scenes till now.

What do you think is the role of action sequences for any film?
Action scenes elevate a Hero’s image in style as well as content. It adds weight to any sort of script with ease.

Was there any special reason for your exclusive six pack look for Rough?
It wasn’t an intentional idea. I got the chance to improve my fitness levels with this film and I can say fights are a big highlight for Rough. I wanted to make the fight sequences even more interesting and believable with my six pack look.

Please tell us about Srihari’s role in Rough..
He played a very important role in the film. We are hiding the role’s details in order to keep it as a surprise. You have to watch him on big screen to know more!

Do you prefer working on new stories from time to time?
Yes.  Any actor would look forward for new stories to prove his worth in acting skills. Subjects like Rough give me such opportunity. In fact, many people wanted me to do an action flick which prodded me to accept Rough. However, this film is not a regular action film.

Do you think Rough would redefine your image as an angry young man just like it did for Chiranjeevi with Khaidi?
Well, dad likes Khaidi a lot. He predicted that I would get a similar image change with Rough. Hope his anticipation turns out to be true!

How are marriage arrangements going on?
(Smiles) Well, I have been busy doing the marriage arrangements and Rough promotion almost at the same time. It is a purely arranged marriage. I initially wanted to marry after I settle down but on Dad’s request I am marrying now.

Does your fiancée watch your films regularly?
Well, she knows well about Cinema and my father in law has good contacts in the film industry. I told the story of Rough to her and she assured me that the film would be a hit!

You have had some gap in your acting appearances off late?
I had to take long time to build my six pack hence couldn’t do back to back films till now. However, I am planning to do more films at a time from now.

How was it working with effervescent Rakul Preet?
She is quite smart, energetic and an actress with spark. She is undoubtedly an asset to the film. Even before she got finalized for Kick 2 and Current Theega, we considered her for this role.

This was your first film with talented music director Mani Sharma. Your comment?
It was my dream to work with Mani Sir and I am so glad it got fulfilled with Rough.

Your upcoming projects?
I am supposed to do a film called Garam but now I have kept it aside due to marriage plans. Will be hitting the set soon.

Okay.. thanks a lot and wish you the best for Rough!
Thank you!

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