Ghazal Srinivas Coming Onto Silver Screen

By - November 25, 2014 - 06:53 PM IST

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If acting is what you chose as your career path and got into it then it is understandable but what if you hail from a different field altogether and then become an actor? That would take some special skills. And very soon, he is appearing on silver screen.

He is none other than the famous Telugu Ghazal singer Dr Ghazal Srinivas. Many years ago, he made his debut as a hero in the film Vichitram. This was the last directorial venture of the great Jandhyala. Later, Dr Ghazal Srinivas was seen in a brief but important cameo in the movie A Film By Aravind.

Now, after a brief hiatus he is back with the film Ninnu Ninnugaa Preminchutaku (working title). This is a film adaptation of the famous novel by Chalam known as Tyaagam. Madhavilatha is the leading lady and the story is set on 1950s backdrop. Latest reports reveal shooting is done and post production is happening. 

A recent release Naa Bangaru Thalli meant for arthouse audience has appealed to offbeat and commercial audience as well. Inside sources say even Dr Ghazal’s movie is also having similar appeal and material. Further details will be announced soon.