SV Krishna Reddy's Yamaleela 2 Preview

By - November 27, 2014 - 01:32 PM IST

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Director S. V. Krishna Reddy created huge sensation two decades back with Yamaleela movie starring comedian Ali as the hero. Yamaleela turned as the biggest hit, won a special place in everyone’s heart and it got remake in other languages too. Now after 20 years, S. V. Krishna Reddy is coming with a sequel to Yamaleela as Yamaleela 2 and is expecting the same results. K.V. Satish and Diah Nicholas are steeping into the glamour world of cinema with this movie.

Yamaleela 2 plot has no connection with original Yamaleela film but the backdrop is adopted from it. Yama Dharamaraj and Chitraguptha lose the Bhavishyavani book. So they come to earth to get it back. Meanwhile, hero Satish gets the Bhavishyavani book and enjoys the benefits out of it alongside knowing some curial secret information from it. How did Yama Dharamaraj and Chitraguptha get back the Bhavishyavani book from Satish has to been on silver screen?

Yamaleela 2 is given ‘U/A’ censor rating from CBFC and run-time of the film is 2 hrs 22 minutes.
Things to watch

1. Sequel to the popular socio-fantasy drama film Yamaleela
2. Mohan Babu’s performance as Yama Dharmaraja
3. S. V. Krishna Reddy’s multi-talent efforts. (Direction, screenplay, music direction)
4. Brahmanandam comedy as Chitraguptha
5. Revered editor Goutham Raju’s editing skills
6. Amazing visual effects and graphics
7. Dr. K.V. Satish and Diah Nicholas debut performances & chemistry.  
8. Rich production values
9. Sada and Nisha Kotari special songs