Film On Real Estate Boom And Doom

By - November 29, 2014 - 10:22 AM IST

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After India became a global economy destination and adopted open doors policy for foreign investments, the face of the country has changed and so has the lifestyle of Indians. The biggest transition happened in the real estate sector with IT revolution and governments coming up with their own form of land selling such as SEZs (Special Economic Zones).

Now, this has also brought upon its share of vices in the form of corruption and how it impacted the common man. All this and more is going to be part of the new movie which is gearing up for release. We are talking about the film Mana Kurralle and it is heard that the film runs on the backdrop of 2007 when the IT and real estate boom was at its peak to today’s time when the situation has changed.

Directed and produced by Veera Sanker of Gudumba Shankar fame, the film has the emerging star Arvind Krishna in a power packed dynamic role while Rachana Malhotra is the leading lady. A fair share of controversy also loomed over the film which resulted in a speed breaker to its release for a while but now all is clear. Inside reports say apart from its controversial elements, the film has got all the ingredients for a perfect commercial entertainer and Arvind’s character would appeal to masses and youth alike.Mana Kurralle is getting released on 5th of December, 2014.

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