Inside News: 'Pataas' Climax With Powerful Villain

By - November 29, 2014 - 01:03 PM IST

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Do you want to know a secret behind a film’s success? Well, here is a small one. If you are a filmmaker and you want your film to become a hit then you must ensure that the film’s antagonist has equal footing with the protagonist. This would raise the conflict point to a new level of excitement for the audience.

This is the reason why the likes of S S Rajamouli, Boyapati Srinu and others have scored big hits with their action entertainers. Now, a similar attempt is being made by Anil Ravipudi for the film Pataas starring Nandamuri Kalyanram. The film is reaching the final stages of its making and here is an update.

It is heard that the climax portion is pending for the film and this is going to have Bollywood star Mukesh Rishi donning the role of a powerful antagonist. Inside reports say his role has been characterized very well and one will recollect his act in the Pawan Kalyan starrer Jalsa. This is expected to take place during December first week. This sure looks to be a promising venture in the making then!

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