'Ala Ela' Proves To Be A Surprise

By - November 29, 2014 - 10:27 AM IST

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In the last few years, you are being compelled to cater a separate budget for watching films. The reason for that is the multiple releases happening in Tollywood every Friday and each one belongs to different genre. Even this Friday was no different but it came in with an element of surprise.

A total of three movies released and no one even knew what the third movie was while the first two were Yamaleela 2 and Rough respectively. As if that is not enough, the third movie is turning out to be a surprise winner. We are talking about the film Ala Ela starring Rahul Ravindran, Vennela Kishore and Solomon Pagadala in the lead.

Reports are arriving that the film got a good craze and audience is clapping and whistling in few scenes. It is heard that the second half is entertaining and the pre climax is hilarious. We have to see if it is going to be a surprise winner. More than the other two movies, talk is growing strong for Ala Ela. Best of luck to this film then!

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