Nagarjuna About Opportunities In Film Industry

By - December 01, 2014 - 01:33 PM IST

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Whenever you spend time with an experienced person there is a lot you get to learn and know about different things. And if you are someone looking to enter the film industry, then this is all the more important. One such golden opportunity struck a group when they were listening to ‘King’ Nagarjuna sharing his thoughts.

It was like an interaction session when someone raised a question about the opportunities in film industry. For this, Nag reportedly gave an insight stating how cinema is a field of 24 crafts and it is not just about acting and becoming actors. He also mentioned how departments like CG, visual effects, art, direction, story writing, sound engineering etc has grown.

While there are few technical segments which always welcome talented individuals, Nag reportedly reminded that acting is one field where the competition is very tough and success rate is quite challenging. But keeping acting aside, there are enough scope of opportunities for anyone who is willing to enter the cine circuit. Make a note! 

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