Discussion about Most Talented Telugu Lady

By - December 02, 2014 - 07:30 PM IST

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A very common statement that you may have noticed in the entertainment industry is there are not enough talented Telugu beauties in Tollywood. But there are also those fine exceptions that make us feel proud. One such person is Hai Rabba Smitha aka Pop Smitha. Recently, she danced very well in the Memu Saitham event and got overwhelming applause.

Smitha started her journey as a contestant in Paadutha Theeyaga contest in the year 1997. She had a tough fight with another known singer Usha. At that point, SPB who was the judge said “Along with singing you are doing dance movements, you will become a good performer.”

True to that, Smitha has emerged to become the first Telugu pop singer with the album and chartbuster song Hai Rabba and smash hits like Masaka Masaka. Later on, Smitha has also set up a school called M.A.D Paatasaala. Not only that, she did a bit of acting as well and all remember her for her negative role in the hit movie Malleswari. Whether Tollywood is not recognizing her talent or she is not showing that inclination but many feel if Smitha enters movies it will be an excellent move. What say Smitha?