Ileana's Hottest Tweet Ever!

By - December 02, 2014 - 10:58 AM IST

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This country has blessed us with right to freedom of expression and some celebrities like RGV make optimum use of it, some use it for the name sake while some prefer the 3rd way (Silence). Some are very bold, straight forward and full of surprises and this nature earns them a special following, especially on Twitter & Facebook. [Of course, they are immune to controversies!]

Out of the deluge of tweets yesterday, Ileana’s bold tweet has in a way taken the world by surprise. This was indeed an Instagram post and if you are wondering what is it? Take a look!

(Men will never understand how joyful it makes us feel to unsap that bra, whip it through our shirt sleeve and fling it across the room.)

This glitzy world is all about money, glamor, luck, name and fame! But above all, even our film celebrities are humans, they too have feelings, opinions and they do have the freedom of expressing and endorsing them.

Meanwhile, some of her fans have forgot the fact that it’s just a post and are already in an illusion [7th stage of Hallucination to say in Sukumar’s words)! Wake up guys…it is already a Happy Morning!

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