RGV's Guerilla Filmmaking

By - December 02, 2014 - 10:11 AM IST

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Though you may find it hard to believe, the situation of Tollywood is actually in tatters. On one side the Tollywood federation strike is on and all shootings are cancelled. However, it was discovered that the eccentric genius RGV is doing a film’s shooting. The federation members came and did trouble on the sets. For this, RGV reportedly said “I am not a member of any federation. In my shooting if any federation members are there you can take them along with you.”

But no one was there. However, the federation members reportedly said RGV should express solidarity. The answer is known to all.  That way, in whoever he is finding talent and if they are proactive he is going ahead and shooting his films by getting them under his wings. Currently, he is busy with the shooting of the film 365 Days (as heard from sources), Spot, Sridevi and Golusu.

Where the other film shootings are happening nobody knows and just like guerilla warfare, a guerilla shooting is happening. The budgets are optimum and RGV has invented a new technique for that. But for doing this, a lot of talent, guts and branding is required. As such, RGV has a following and if anyone else does it won’t really work. He has emerged as a parallel system and this is evident with his latest set of tweets which go like this –

"If all workers who are being stopped by federation come out and start a separate association it will become bigger than federation
Film makers should go to court against entities like the federation forcibly stopping work
Whoever will be suspended or debarred by federation will be the lucky new age people adapted to new technology and thus advancement
The producers have been stupid and ignorant to even agree to whatever they already agreed of the federation's demands
In democratic country people have to be free to choose who they want to work with on mutually agreeable conditions rather than being forced by federations
I feel sad for the federation workers being misled by federation leaders who don't even know the meaning of federation
Federation workers should open their eyes to the misleading of their federation leaders and start a new federation suited to today's times
I want to start a new federation and I invited all new age right thinking people like Suresh Babu and Dil Raju to join’"

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