Can Rebel Star help Prabhudeva?

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A cuckoo sings in summer but it never sounds in winter in hurry. A peacock dances when the cloud appears, but never does that in other time. Similarly, the first look of a hero from a film is generally released with a big bang. It is never done in silence. Indeed, cinema is a business that lies in between hype and hope. We are telling this to convey you something that happened with our hero Prabhas freshly. 
Rebel Star Prabhas is supposed to hit Bollywood screen with Baahubali as it is planned to release in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. But much before that grand release he came up with Action Jackson in utter silence. He did a cameo in the film on the obligation of its maker Prabhu Deva. Though Prabhas matches well with Bollywood fraternity with his macho look, no hype was given about his presence, prior to the release of the film.  And after the release, the film proved to be a failure. Now, many are not interested to see what Prabhas did in that. His debut on B-Screen thus became a waste. 
"Had there been a hype about Prabhas' presence in the film, before its release, the film would have attracted huge openings in 2 states- AP and Telangana", says a film analyst. 
Let us wish Prabhas hits with Baahubali and makes everyone forget his actual debut on Bollywood screen. 

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