Why is Nani not there in Baahubali?

By - December 13, 2014 - 02:41 PM IST

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The magnum opus Baahubali is currently on with its shooting in Bulgaria and a large part of it also took place at the famous Ramoji Film City. Even a Superstar like Rajini is very much impressed with Rajamouli and the project. While many other star heroes have already expressed their wish to work with Rajamouli, many eyes went green with envy.

Now, an interesting grapevine has begun to make rounds about a surprise package in this movie. And this speculation got more fuel after the tweet which came from the natural talent Nani about his encounter with superstar Rajinikanth.

It goes like this –
“He asked me why I am not in Baahubali. I said maybe height and I smiled. He said 'height endhuku.Naa height entha?Hahaha” *trademark rajini laugh*’

Incidentally, this conversation happened when Nani met Rajini at RFC. Of course to be a star, mettle matters than mere height but for Baahubali personality matters first. It is okay Nani…better luck next time!

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