Solo option for multi-starrer films in Tollywood

By - December 13, 2014 - 04:57 PM IST

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Multi-starrer films trend of 80’s and 90’s is back again and it’s the most trusted formula right now. There is a wrong assumption these days about multi-starrer movies in Tollywood. If two heroes act together then it’s hyped as a multi-starrer film which sounds funny.

If two star status heroes like NTR-ANR, Krishna- Shobhan Babu come together for a movie then it can be regarded as multistarrer. In the current generation, a combo of Venkatesh-Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan-Allu Arjun and Venkatesh-Pawan Kalyan can be considered as multi-starrer movies.

Now the only solo option for multi-starrer films in Tollywood is Victory Venkatesh for many reasons. Firstly he is a star hero, he takes reasonable remuneration, wont force makers for lengthy roles or songs with heroines, very punctual about shooting times etc.

Finally, Venky has acting skills to get into the skin of any character doing cent percent justice to the role given to him. Keeping his age in mind, Venky decided to stop acting as a solo lead hero and is showing interest in Multi-starrer movies only. So by all means, Venky should be the first and best choice for multistarrer films.

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